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Where is the success or failure of fishing gear joining?

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  How can it be regarded as a successful fishing franchise store? Xiao Bian's definition of success is to play an unlimited role in limited funds, which means that our funds are limited, and every penny is spent on the cutting edge. . Into the fishing gear franchise store in your home, everything can be sold, economics is called "goods to sell the mountains", now we say the success of the fishing tackle franchise store: the distribution of fishing gear.
  Fishing gear joins the purchase: fish rod. High school and low grade, long section short section, hand pole sea pole and fishing rod. These goods are very capital-intensive. When distributing the goods, you must find out the main fishing rods to be used locally, and the pre-promoted fishing rods in the store. It must be remembered that each (one identical rod) fish stock should not be less than 5, such as the old ghost's battle series fishing rod, this series of fishing rods should be the main product.
  Fishing gear to join the purchase: hooks. The hook is divided into a thick hook hook, a wide door hook narrow hook, a long handle hook short handle hook, a barbed hook without barbed hooks and sleeve hooks, a rock hook, etc., the variety of hooks must cater to mass consumption. There is no need to be too much, but it also gives consumers a choice.
  Fishing gear joins the purchase: fish float. As the saying goes: "Floating is the eye of a fisherman." The importance of fish floats is obvious. There are also many types of fishing floats. The fish floats used in different fishing methods are different. The fish floats used in different depths are not the same. The requirements for floating floats and floating floats are different. There are also many differences in terms of material and process. For example, traditional fishing also has many types of fish floats for fishing enthusiasts to choose from. The principle of business distribution is based on the positioning of the fishing gear store.
  Fishing gear joins the purchase: fishing line. The more difficult part of operating fishing gear is to operate fishing lines, there are many types of fishing lines, there are many fish line colors, and there are many line numbers. In operation, it can not be placed too little, but also meet the needs of fishing enthusiasts, but also to master the next year. The fishing line is not easy to sell (the manufacturers do not return it), the amount of each fish line must be controlled in the operation, but the variety is not limited.
  Fishing gear joins the purchase: bait. The bait should be said to be the most difficult to grasp and control in the operation. For the manufacturers, brands, varieties and different fish tastes, we must not mention more, and we must prepare the varieties and purchase them in small quantities.
  In addition, it may be the reason that the profit of the bait is too low. The operators generally do not care about the variety or series of bait, and thus the resistance to the operation of the bait, which is also the key to the success of the fishing gear store.
  Fishing gear to join the purchase: accessories and accessories. The revenue-generating points of operating fishing gear stores should be said to be on attachments and accessories, so operators should explore their potential in this regard. For example, dip nets, turrets, brackets, fish guards, sun umbrellas, fishing gear bags and other large items can be placed in large quantities in large quantities; for example, space beans, lead-seat, floats, granules, 8 Accessories such as rings should also be placed in large quantities in large quantities.
  When we purchase the goods, we also need to distinguish between the primary and secondary. The main things, such as hooks, can be purchased because the hooks are easy to break and the frequency of replacement is higher. The bait has the lowest profit and has a shelf life, but it can't be without it. There are business opportunities in the market for fishing tackles. Please grab the opportunity to join the fishing tackle.

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